5 key moments of the Argentina-France final

Argentina are world champions: the national team, led by Scaloni on the bench and led by a wonderful Leo Messi on the pitch, won by penalties after a pyrotechnic, incandescent, and totally crazy 3-3. Although we are only in 2022, there is already talk of the match of the century: it was the final of the World Cup, in all probability the most watched football event in the world, which keeps fans from all over the planet glued to the TV and only takes place every four years. And it was magnificent.

Argentina did an amazing job, and until the 80th minute, it looked like they were in complete control. Then there was that insane minute, the specter of psychodrama, and the even crazier overtime, a penalty lottery, in which Emiliano Martinez was once again the protagonist. Finally, Montiel’s goal and the explosion of joy for an entire population. Those who were there know: There has never been anything like Argentina-France.

So let’s relive the match through its five most important moments—moments that will go down in the history of this amazing sport, which is always able to top itself in terms of surprise and beauty.

In chronological order, from first to last, here’s what we will remember from the 2022 World Cup final.

  1. Di Maria’s wonderful goal

    For long stretches of regulation time, the game was an Argentinian solo: a beautiful tango danced to a different rhythm, with France players on the field, and Deschamps was even forced to make two substitutions before the halftime break, trailing 2-0.
  1. Mbappé’s minute of fire

    Only Argentina was on the pitch until the 80th minute; anyone who has seen the match knows that France, apparently, had no way of reopening the match ten minutes from the end, down by two goals, and emptied of any enthusiasm if not with a penalty kick. And Thuram punctually earned the shot from the penalty, which Mbappé converted flawlessly (as well as the other two he shot against the best goalkeeper in the World Cup). However, the French phenomenon did not stop there, on the contrary: about eighty seconds later, he scored his personal double with a scissors kick, allowing France to equalize when all seemed lost by now. Stuff from those who are destined to dominate football from here on out.
  1. The incredible second extra time

    Extra time is football in its purest and most essential state: Argentina and France feel tired but hold on, only lucid, and they try to attack to win it without penalties. Argentina takes the lead first, with Messi shining brightly after Lloris saves Lautaro’s shot. Everything finished? Not at all: Kylian is always ready to overthrow everything. Corner kick, ball out, Mbappé controls and shoots, arm deflection, penalty, the PSG striker converts again. All this when we are in the 117th minute of the World Cup final. Madness.
  1. Emiliano Martinez’s performance

    So does extra time end like this? Not even for a dream, there is still room for the most beautiful save in the world. Obviously, Emiliano Martinez carried it out: Kolo Muani, launched at the net, shoots a sure shot with his right foot, and the Argentina goalkeeper makes an incredible technical gesture by putting himself in a “cross” and covering the mirror of the goal. Intervention saves the World Cup and takes the match to penalties. And even there, it proves to be decisive.

Not surprisingly, he was the best goalkeeper of the tournament.

  1. Messi lifting the Cup

    There is no need to add anything else.