Top Football Clubs with the Most Fans in the World

After analyzing the longest-serving managers in football history, we expand the circle to see which teams are the most popular around the world. Taking many things into account, a list of the top ten in the classification has been made.

At the top, we find Manchester United; together with the Red Devils, there are five other English teams. The Italians, like the Spaniards, have four teams. Europe is also well represented by the French and German teams. Here is the list of the top ten clubs with the most fans around the world.

The ranking of the most supported teams in the world 

  1. Manchester United: 650 million fans
  2. Barcelona: 450 million fans
  3. Real Madrid: 350 million fans
  4. Chelsea: 145 million fans
  5. Arsenal: 125 million fans
  6. Manchester City: 110 million fans
  7. Liverpool: 100 million fans
  8. Milan: 95 million fans
  9. Inter: 55 million fans
  10. Bayern Munich: 45 million fans
  1. Manchester United

    So let’s start with the Red Devils, the historic English team that has been struggling a bit in recent years but who have won a lot in the course of their history, especially with Sir Alex Ferguson on the bench. One of the most interesting aspects of this fan base is that it supposedly doubled in size from 2007 to 2012, the period in which CR7 arrived and the Champions League and Club World Cup were won. With over 650 million supporters worldwide, it is the most popular team in the world.

  1. Barcelona

From an English big to a Spanish big: second position for Barcelona and its 450 million fans. The Blaugrana are still in the top spots and are recognized as one of the strongest teams in the world. Having someone like Leo Messi in your ranks, considered one of the strongest strikers ever, and certainly helped a lot. Today, this giant club in the history of football is in great difficulty in terms of finances and results achieved, but the huge share of supporters it has will be able to continue to help it in the years to come.

  1. Real Madrid

Real Madrid completes the podium of the world’s most popular teams, having recently won three consecutive Champions League editions (from 2016 to 2018), and will be champions again in the 2021/22 edition, alongside Benzema at the Ballon d’Or. Ancelotti, the coach who led the club out of a brief crisis, is now back on the bench. As a result, Real Madrid has become even more famous around the world, with 350 million fans today.

  1. Chelsea

For Chelsea, there are 145 million fans all over the world. The London club has grown exponentially in the last 15 years thanks to the investments of Roman Abramovich, the president who allowed the Blues to enter the elite of world football. Now Chelsea is focusing a lot on young people and is trying to regain altitude in the Premier League as well. In recent years, he has won the Europa League and the Champions League thanks to Sarri and Tuchel.

  1. Arsenal

Let’s stay in London: 125 million fans for Arsenal, a historic Premier League team fighting to return to the top of the league. The Gunners represent a well-established reality and are very attentive from a “young” perspective. There is no shortage of important investments on the market, and the fans appreciate it.

  1. Manchester City

Chelsea, like City, rose to prominence after huge capital arrived from outside: in 2008, the Abu Dhabi United Group took control of the club and propelled it to the forefront. Today, Manchester City is higher than their rivals, Manchester United: the Citizens, coached by Pep Guardiola, have won the Premier League for two seasons in a row.As for fans, they are at 110 million.

  1. Liverpool

You’re talking about English teams that have been very popular lately, and you’re also talking about Liverpool: the Reds under Klopp have started a winning cycle and remain one of the most formidable opponents in both the Premier League and the Champions League. Liverpool is seventh in the rankings of the most popular teams in the world, with 100 million fans.

  1. Milan

The 95 million AC Milan fans all over the world have also returned to cheer. The Rossoneri have always been popular, but recently even more so: thanks to Stefano Pioli and Rafael Leao, they are back in the spotlight after a long absence, celebrating a heartfelt Scudetto.The Rossoneri are the Italian club with the most fans in the world.

  1. Inter

Inter came right after Milan, and the team kept winning titles even after Conte and then Inzaghi joined. Now the 55 million fans around the world will want to go back to celebrating a scudetto after the Rossoneri rivals unstitched it from their chest last season. And then, a little thought about the Champions League is always given…

  1. Bayern Munich

From Italy to Germany: Bayern Munich has 45 million supporters. While the team of Neuer and Muller is undeniably the dominant force in the German championship, Munich fans are hoping for another Champions League victory from the Bavarian club.