Australian Open Prize Money 2023

The 2023 Australian Open will kick off a new season of high-quality tennis with its title as the season’s first Grand Slam tournament. And the amount of prize money up for grabs this time is even more tempting.

In fact, the tournament will promise even more lucrative rewards than it did in the last edition, which Nadal won after facing off against Medvedev in the tournament final. Instead, Ashleigh Barty came out on top in the women’s competition, but she withdrew later in the day and won’t be back to defend her title. A momentous event for each and every one of the other competitors in the race.

To continue with the topic of the anticipated earnings for tennis players, what is the total prize pool for the 2023 Australian Open? We stated a rise when compared to the previous year; this is correct; but, by how much? Here is an explanation of all the prize money that can be won at the current Australian Grand Slam.

The total prize money of the Australian Open 2023

The total amount of the jackpot at the 2023 Australian Open is a record-breaking 48.3 million euros; in fact, this number represents a gain of 3.4% in comparison to the jackpot at the event held the previous year. The prize money must, of course, be distributed equitably among the several categories (men’s, women’s, and pairs), as well as among the different levels of the tournament, ranging from the qualifying rounds through the first round and all the way up to the tournament final. Firstly, there are the winners, who clearly take home the most money. By the way, do you happen to know how much money will be up for grabs for whoever gets to win the Australian Open in 2023?

How much does someone who wins the Australian Open in 2023 earn?

In addition to earning a significant number of ATP points, the person who is able to win the trophy will also be awarded a monetary reward equivalent to almost two million euros. The precise amount is 1,924,500 euros, which is an increase of 3.48 % in comparison to the previous year. Those who lose in the championship round, on the other hand, may still take comfort in the fact that they will get a reward of €1 million—not bad after all…

The 2023 Australian Open prize pool total

Here is a breakdown of the prize money for those who qualify for all stages of the 2023 Australian Open, round by round.

  • First Round: €68,880
  • Second Round: €102,970
  • Third Round: €147,750
  • Round of 16: €219,270
  • Quarter-finalist: €359,930
  • Semi-finalist: €599,600
  • FINALIST: €1,053,380
  • WINNER: €1,924,500

The total ATP prize pool in 2023 is still growing

The ATP has set a goal of increasing revenue by 37,5 million euros by 2023, and the increase in money for players competing in the Australian Open is part of that strategy. Given that an amount of prize money with such a high figure has never been recorded in the history of ATP tennis, the total prize money for the current year will thus reach about 225 million euros. These are record statistics, given that such a high figure has never been recorded.

But be careful: the increases concern in particular the ATP Masters tournaments and the Challenger circuit, while according to what was announced by the official channels last November, they shouldn’t have concerned the Grand Slams. As seen, however, the Australian Open has increased its prize pool. Regardless, however, the ATP’s intention was made clear by its president, Andrea Gaudenzi: “Our players are world-class athletes, and it is our priority to ensure they are compensated accordingly”.